Heimtextil 2024

The destination of this trip is Germany.

More than 7000 kilometers away, the world's largest and most influential professional home textile exhibition, the Frankfurt International Home and Commercial Textile Exhibition in Germany, has begun.

For this exhibition, our company spent more than half a year preparing. "I hope to use this exhibition to push our latest developed products to the market," said Yao Hong, Executive Vice General Manager of the Enterprise Knitting Business Unit.

Throughout the morning, Yao Hong and his colleagues received several waves of merchants from Europe, the Middle East, and other regions. The cationic fabric series brought by the company became a star product, attracting many customers to inquire about prices. "We have spent more than half a year on independent research and development. Compared with ordinary products, this series of products can present a dual color effect, and with different weaving techniques, the entire series presents various floral effects." Yao Hong introduced.

"Sitting at home can't wait for orders!" Yao Hong admitted that his exhibition experience over the past year has given him more insights into this statement. Nowadays, the foreign trade orders of enterprises have been arranged until after the end of the year, but the pace of "going out" cannot be stopped. "Looking forward to exploring new opportunities in the new year." His words reveal confidence.

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