Charming held a "Management Psychology" training meeting

2021-02-24 00:00:00 Zhejiang Charming Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. Viewd 577

On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, on February 21, the company held a "Management Psychology" training meeting, with more than 70 company leaders and managers above the supervisor participating. The training session invited Tsinghua University Ph.D., professor and doctoral supervisor Wang Long to give a lecture on "Management Psychology".

Professor Wang Long has extensive knowledge and rich experience. His teaching style is humorous and witty, and he is very attractive and perceptive to the students attending the class. He used "concepts in conversation and laughter, philosophy in humor" teaching, vivid and humorous, simple in simple language, and rich case teaching, so that all students receive a profound enlightenment and education.

After the lecture, on behalf of all the trainees, President Mo of the company expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Professor Wang for his wonderful lectures. At the same time, managers at all levels of the company who attended the lectures were asked to digest the content of Professor Wang’s "Management Psychology" course and apply them to practical work. In the work, we will further strengthen communication, be good at communication and effective communication, better strengthen the construction of the staff team, effectively play the role of the team, and work together to achieve the production and operation goals and tasks of 2021.


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